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Yes, the trunk of a car is one of the recommended placement areas.

This product contains an explosive powder and would not be allowed on an airplane.

It does not say where it made and no expiration date. Only state that using new technology from Germany. I looked carefully on both box and the wrap on the product.

Yes. It is a metal cage that the ball sits in.

They’re pretty solid. Basically flame suppression powder in styrofoam with a firecracker to propel the powder. They should not break from a normal fall or throw, that’s the point they are thrown into fires.

There are multiple videos online depicting the extinguisher ball in action. I have not found any articles with a negative review regarding performance. I have no information in regards to independent testing. I’d assume somebody would have sounded the alarm by now if this device was subpar, or worse.

It must come in direct contact with the flame. The flame ignites a fuse that detonates a small explosive element inside the ball.

Most RV fires occur with the refrigerator. The best place to mount this is in the panel where the propane hooks up to the refrigerator. Carry a second one propane access panel so if there is a collision, it will go off or because it is handy for any outdoor grill fires.

I do not now sorry could not answer your question

No, it’s made with human, pets and environmental friendly materials.
The material will not harm pets.

Yes you can as long as the tape is flammable and can be burnt through in case of a fire for it’s activation

Only if the heat causes a fire, but why would you put this in the attic instead of a living space you’d want to save from a fire?

Temperature stability from -60 to +85 degrees celcius (-76 to 185 fahrenheit). Above 185 F it is fusible.

I do not see anything UL on the boys it says approved by the SGS.

The ball is covered with a cellophane type wrap which shouldn’t be removed. I don’t think paint would be a good idea.